MA Playwriting, 2020-2021, University of Manchester

Teachers in Manchester: Chloƫ Moss, Tim Price, Anders Lustgarten

Playwriting workshops: Simon Stephens, Nicholas McInerny, Tom Wright, Tee O’Neill

In progress:

  • Fa**ot Building (one act play) – A young architect is hired to design the new city hall in his native village. He gets caught in political games, and in the stifling village mentality he once fled. All this severely impacts his private life and his efforts to adopt a child with his partner.
  • Return/Home (short documentary play) – Explores the experiences of Dutch Jews who survived the concentration camps of the Second World War, when they return to the Netherlands.
  • Goat Punishment (monologue) – After the bombing of a Manchester concert venue, Dexter tries to make sense of having survived while his best friend is fighting for her life in hospital.
  • Our Man Wilson (full length) – Set in the “Dumb Waiter” universe of Harold Pinter.
  • Shoulders of Giants (full length) – On the day of his retirement party, an eminent physicist finds himself held at gunpoint by a young researcher. Ten years before, his successful career and her tragically failed PhD got intertwined. Their discussion slowly unhinges from the laws of physics.
  • We Are Orwell (full length)